About us


The "Stackin'Kickz" Brand was created by David Jefferson. Jefferson was Born in Los Angeles California and raised in Portland,Oregon. 

The idea was to create a brand that paid homage to the love and passions of the global sneaker culture. The name Stackin Kickz was a spin off of the idea of “Stackin Chips” as one would in a casino after acquiring a large amount of chips. The relationship was that anyone who acquired a large amount of shoes would not spread them across the floor, but instead have to “Stack” them up somehow to maximize on space. It’s a beautiful and creative alternative to the idea of Collecting shoes.

As the brand and owner grew over the years, Stackin Kickz has become  synonymous with positivity, good energy, love, and inspiration.

 As David connects with his community through  pop up shops, his radio show, podcasts, and speaking events at schools and prisons, Stackin Kickz has quickly become one of the most influential brands in Portland OR.  

The designs you'll experience are created to reflect that passion by combining creativity and obsession in order to connect with the sneakerheads around the world!

 Thank you for your love and support and remember in the words of the late great Nipsey Hussle "The highest human act is to inspire."

I hope that my story inspires and motivates someone out there to connect with themselves on a deeper level.